Doug Johnston + Yuji Hsiao


The Nests built in 2007 were a collaboration between Doug Johnston and Yuji Hsiao. They are an invitation for people to find comfort together; demonstrating examples of space which are relaxing and encourage contemplation and conversation that are simultaneously public and private between the viewers. The nest-structures are constructed of polyethylene tubing, loosely woven and connected to itself. It provides an open yet clearly defined space, which is formed in response to its site. The materials used are commonly available and the method of construction is relatively simple, yet results in a complex self-supporting surface. The construction method allows shell spaces to be built in many forms and sizes, and in a short time. The material is suitable for interior or exterior applications and is reusable and recyclable. The shredded paper inside is all post-consumer.r interior or exterior applications and is reusable or recyclable. The scale of this project is an aspect I admire. Although I like to focus on the singular, I have explored the effects of the multiple within my artworks. I don’t have the intentions of creating socialable areas of space however I can relate to Johnston’s and Hsaio’s work in the way that they try to create their own environment separate within the gallery space.

Research Links:–nests/;jsessionid=19DA0E7CECB03A708F569E810A91EB22?page=18627


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