Heringa Van/Kalsbeek


Let Herring and Maarten van Kalsbeek make their sculptures out of a mixture of materials such as porcelain, artificial resin and feathers. The physical process of creation plays a decisive role in their final appearance and so there is this sense of chance which influences their work. Their sculptures are a hybrid of fine art and applied art and are commonly referred to as ‘3-dimensional paintings’. The unpredictability of nature is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for these artists and although their interesting shapes and plastic materiality scream a certain ‘man-made aesthetic’: the influence of the natural world is very clear. They are particularly fascinated by things that are running wild or just about to ruin with natural processes like erosion and over-growth battling against one another. Other uncontrollable natural processes like rust, flowering, decay, coagulation and heating are also visually present within Heringa/Van Kalsbeek’s work. The accumulation, assemblage and montage of materials displayed in the way that they are represents an artificial homage to nature. I have documented their work in my research because I’m inspired by the way they encourage the notion of chance and growth within their work. I also enjoy the way that natural processes are their source for inspiration in the same way that natural dwellings inspire the sculptures I create. I can also relate to the way that they’re natural representations are displayed  and created out of artificial materials, the same way in which I like to create organic shapes and structures using man-made consumerist waste.


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