Stephen Wright


Stephen Wright is most well known for his project The House of dreams. The House of Dreams was conjured up through the desire to create something more permanent than his former lifestyle as a fashion designer; where the style was forever changing in order to keep up with the ever-growing society of today. Wright’s urge to create something solid and concrete grew from within the domestic, somewhere we return to out of habit when we are undeniably lost. He confessed within a recent e-mail that his collection is based on “things that speak” to him and as he became more comfortable with his sexuality, so did his collections ranging from disabled dolls, old wigs and dirty shoes all to incorporate within his work: “It’s an obsession really. Handling other peoples’ stuff. Rooting through personal possessions. What is most intriguing of Wright’s bizarre and beautiful collection is his curiosity, above all else, to understand the object; listening to it’s story, appreciating it’s smell, it’s feel, embracing the object ever so empirically so that he can care and nurture for it in the correct and proper way. Taking on this maternal instinct not only unearths his caring and motherly characteristics but also projects his own concerns of belonging out into the open. He created the House of Dreams in an act of creating somewhere he could belong to and as this section was very rightly opened up with the same exact sentence; the desire to escape is through the failure to belong. I can relate to Wright’s work for obvious reasons. An aspect of Wright’s work I can connect with is his compulsion to collect, the need for texture, smells and dan amongst his finds which spark up the curiosity in collecting. He is inspired by the history of the object and the story they have lived which shows aspects of an emotional relationship he has with inanimate objects – one that I can relate to.

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