Tomoko Takahashi


Tomoko Takahashi is an artist well known for her large-scale installations made in situ in various art world specific sites as well as areas located within the everyday. Although she admits to her work being fundamentally ‘improvisation based’ there are three-steps she takes in order to create her installations: an analysis of the space, the collecting and gathering of relevant debris and what they would be appropriate to produce in that space. To gain a better understanding of the space she is working with, it often takes her days to map out specified requirements and think about the contours and features of the room. The similarities I find in both my work and Takahashi’s is the use of found objects and displaying them in a manner which the audience finds unusual. When I think about the direction my practice could lead in for future prospects and exhibitions is how Takahashi dominates the gallery space.

Research Links:

Steiner, R. (2005) Tomoko Takahashi. London: Serpentine Gallery.

Cork, R. (2003) Breaking down the barriers : art in the 1990s. New Haven, Conn.; London: Yale University Press.


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