Helen Chadwick


Helen Chadwick is a sculptor, photographer and installation artist. She became one of the first women artists to be nominated for The Turner Prize. Chadwick challenged the stereotypical perceptions of the body in elegant yet unconventional forms. Her work draws from a range of sources, from myths to science, grappling with a plethora of unconventional, visceral materials that included chocolate, lambs tongues and rotting vegetable matter. Her skilled use of traditional fabrication methods and sophisticated technologies transform these unusual materials into complex installations. I was drawn to the notion of Chadwick’s work through the Julia Kristeva’s concept of the abject and how this theory correlates with in my own practice. Using unsightly objects and ephemera from the street has made me question whether or not I want to make works out of unpleasant things and make them look pleasant, much like Chadwick’s work and entice the viewer into observing something of disgust.

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