Portia Munson


Portia Munson responds to modern culture and the natural environment through works made in a range of media including installation and sculpture. Themes that pervade her work include colour, consumerism, life and death, and nature. We speak about the links between color and gender identities that are instilled in us from an early age, for example, pink for girls and blue for boys. However, Munson questions these connotations with colour within her work and engages the audience from a different perspective. “My art installations are a contemplation of and comment on our manufactured perceptions of nature. We as a culture are defined by the objects we mass-produce, consume, and throw away. I collect these objects and assemble them into congested installations, in essence using as my resource the refuse of consumer culture that usually ends up in landfills, what you might call ‘the backside of the mall.'” I feel that I can relate to the complex relationship Munson has between herself and the understanding of the objects she collects and presents. I feel that I am starting to begin to question the relevance of some aspects within my practice as I am more interested in the history of the object, the whereabouts, the properties they contain and the connotations we as humans make with the detritus that surrounds us.

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